Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Against the bailout, banks and the big 3

They're making the economic situation worse by bailing out banks and automotive companies, in my opinion a big mistake! Sure, AIG and such can go back having corporate parties and treating their CEO buddies to million dollar bonuses, but that's good for them, what about the rest of the people that live in fear losing their homes, their jobs and their dreams? It will promote corrupt business and not punish failing policies. I don't see why executives of these large companies cannot shift into a lower gear and instead of owning 7 multimillion dollar properties, maybe 6 or even 5 will do. Or stop having humongous corporate parties that cost millions. How much is enough, how much money do you need to make to sustain your current lifestyle for the rest of your life?
First of all the banks, they get a tremendous amount of taxpayer money from the government, so much that it makes me sick mentioning it here, to do what? To help home owners stay in their homes and to ease the rates. They should embrace this opportunity and realize how lucky they are that such a chance is even given to them. What do they do? They buy up other banks!! Are you kidding me... True I think the government is also at fault here to by not setting up stricter conditions, but maybe they even didn't see this redilculous behavior happening.
Another thing Bill Gates recently threatened that he is going to take his company oversees if he can't get things done his way in this country, which is totally rediculous by the way. Instead of giving something back (jobs in this country) he rather finds 'cheaper' alternatives that will make his company even more wealthy. Why are billions and billions not enough for him, why does he need to make more? How much is enough? Pretty soon there will be only a select group of people in the world, the extreme wealthy, and the poor. The middle class will completely dissapear. So I say NO to the bailout, that will teach those CEO's that their policy failed and should be fired, you had your chance, you messed up royally, you're out! Start all over.
All of a sudden now 'The Big Three' are interested in building smaller cars, well you know what, you're a little too late and that's too bad for you now isn't it. Instead of being a greedy company you should've focused more on the future, now foreign companies are gaining ground here because they forsaw the demand, not you, and if that means losing jobs, they will quickly be filled by foreign investors that do have a good, successful business plan. It's not what we wanted, but it's the result of decades of failed policy, a failed healthcare system and greed. Not to mention that clown in the white house that ruined it for us all for 8 years straight.
Shame on you, messing things up and asking for taxpayers money... welcome to the world of real business, you fail, you're out!
Oh wait, how about putting your own money in, you have enough right? What's that? You don't have THAT much? You poor bastard.

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