Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Has the bottom of the recession been reached? (Poll)

I know I've been posting a lot of posts with questions in the title, but that's because eeh,..I have a lot of questions that I'm trying to figure out and want to share. The latest? For those who are into the markets or interested, has the bottom of the recession been reached or do we still have long ways to go?
A heavy topic to come up with on the last day of the year, but leaving 2008 behind which was a horrible year for many, I thought it was suitable. Financial analysts around the world are debating back and forth on this question. I heard one analyst on CNBC that the bottom has been reached indeed and 2009 is nothing but an upwards move although slowly, while another one said that this recession will continue at least until 2010.
On the side is a polling option where you can cast your vote. What do you think? Is everything gonna be fine in 2009?

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