Monday, December 15, 2008

I want to do it right this time

I've had many 'blogs' and websites in the past, one problem, poor hosting companies that wiped me out every single time. Strange but true, my track record starts only a little over a year ago while I've been doing this since 1996. Not this time, I want to make sure things are absolutely perfect!
And when I mean perfect I mean my blog layout. I've been debating with myself and others which one is a better fit for me. Blogger or Wordpress, it's between those two. I know there are other blog CMS sites out there but I think I want to narrow it down a bit, in that way I've made up my mind. One thing I really want is 'overview', seeing what is going on. I really like the new layout on WordPress, but it's difficult to manage the layout of the Blog the way I want it. Although I'm also a webdesigner I really want to focus on writing and posting interesting articles, without have to worry about when I'm being shut off. There will be changes around the website, what I also would like is a different layout, not one that everyone else has. I guess we'll keep looking around, if there are any major changes, I'll let you know :P

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  1. I used to have 1&1 hosting where I had a CMS website for years and they were great.. the website itself didn't perform that well,..hehemaybe one day I'll have a .com again of some sort. There's just something I just wanna do one a free server right now and see how that goes...



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