Monday, December 1, 2008

It's official: Obama's National Security Team!

Finally I know now for sure that Hillary Clinton has been selected to be secretary of state! Which is in my opinion an excellent choice! For awhile there it seemed up in the air, and people were debating back and forth about her position in the new Obama administration. I'm happy! True, back in the day I was a Hillary Clinton supporter, but I think Barack Obama is going to be a fantastic president. Already he has taken all the proper steps in my opinion by putting together a great team.
Though that lunatic is still wasting space in the white house until January, we have to tough it out until then. Let's all hope and pray Mr. B. doesn't do any more idiotic things until then, but it looks like even now Obama has a strong hand already in the white house, so strong that he needs to remind everyone still that 'there can be only one president at a time'. lol

Other people in the NS team:

Defense Secretary : Robert M. Gates
National Security adviser: James L. Jones
Homeland Security: Janet Napolitano
Attorney General: Eric H. Holder Jr
and Susan E. Rice to be Ambassador of the UN

Let's all hope president-elect Barack Obama is going to do what he promised in his campaign.

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