Thursday, December 11, 2008

A little history about my 'blogging'

The time that I didn't even realize it was even called a blog. Back in the day, I'm taking you back to 1996, I was one of the first ones that had a website on GeoCities, a whopping 1MB of space was available to me to upload a few html files and pictures. Back then no one ever heard of a 'blog' but now that I think about it, I think I was one of the first ones that even had such a thing.
Of course now, the site is long and gone. In fact they deleted my website a few months later due to 'inappropriate' material which, later, I came to find out it was a little banner promoting 'mirc', a chat program. Reading their terms and conditions, I was not allowed to 'sponsor' other parties. I couldn't believe that anyone back then was monitoring every site for violations of their policy, something you wouldn't see so much nowadays. Imaging Google employees scouting every blog site on their servers evry day for 'inappropriate content' and that doesn't even include adult material.
Anyway, the date and time had to be filled in manually since scripts and programs that did this for you were too expensive, but I did it! I remember copying and pasting my little 'date template' and filling in the current date and time, with a little room under it to write about what happened that day or about a project that I was working on that time.
It was really too bad that people couldn't leave any comments back then because I built up a whole network of friends that were only able to leave comments via a 'guestbook'. A guestbook that was not intergratable and bombarded with sponsors and popups... enough to turn those off to leave a comment, only the hardcore friends left a message like 'great website', aah those were the days.
Then I started to become more mature, ahum. I wanted a website with a professional look and my ultimate goal was to have an online community going! So, I thought, the more content I have, the bigger my site will look and the more people are willing to 'track' me and sign up for my community,...holy crap I was wrong! I got a big site going indeed, with tons of sections and different news items and online games, movies etc... my track record? Nobody gave a shit.
The site sat there for years and nothing interesting happened, even buddies from college, the ones that wrote down the address to check it out, never came up on the 'website counter'. Depressing. But I didn't give up. Probably the reason that they never showed up was because my site wasn't BIG enough! That's right. I needed MORE content! Boy I was wrong (again). Looking back on it I must say it was a fantastic learning experience! This is what I ended up doing now, blogging with blogger, in the hope someone will read it, hopefully I'm not wrong this time.

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