Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Should president Bush be ultimately hold accountable for the global economic crisis?

It's almost over. Eight long years of president Bush in office. Now the question is, should he ultimately be the one responsible for the global (!) economic mess.

Diplomacy after 9/11 would have been difficult for any president and there are lots of other factors that could have caused the economic turmoil.
The answer is yes. Although there are other key players contributing to the situation, Mr Bush himself is the one and only that managed to become the worst president in history. Congratulations mr. president to do all that and not being impeached what you should have been 7 years ago.
I just find in fascinating that within all those years no concrete action was taken to throw him out of the white house, yet Bill Clinton was almost thrown out for having an affair. Bush lied too. And he lied about a lot of things. His high profile friends protected him all these years and still do. But why did no one see this coming? Why was nothing done about it? Why did everybody just let this happen? For one, it was September 11, the world of terrorists and Mr. B. seem to be the right man for the job to deal with it. Weapons of mass destruction were supposedly in Iraq. It was time for war. And people were held scared and reminded every day about terror. Remember the terror threat level everyday on the news channels? All of a sudden that's gone. Does that mean the terror is gone? No. It was the Bush administration keeping you afraid and keep him in office a second term because he seemed to know what he was doing. Did it work? Yes it did. But obviously he had no qualifications whatsoever to become commander in chief in the first place, hell, he barely speaks English.
Back in 2000 Al Gore had the most votes and should have been president, but because of corruption and the 'ones with the most money' somehow along those lines Mr. B. became the world's most powerful man, and all just because daddy had powerful friends and connections. Think about it. Back then, in a country with almost 300 million people the son of a president happens to have the right skills and qualifications to become president? What a coincidence!
But my question still remains, why was nothing done to kick this clown out? You simply cannot start a war, that somehow happens to be in a region daddy was involved in too, and barely do anything, take time off, ignore the warnings of the abuse of the subprime mortgages, ignore anything that's 'no fun to deal with', party, crack jokes and give press conferences about a 'threat' that was never explained. If I were to be commander in chief, I would make for damn sure I was involved in the two wars every single day. I'll admit, it's not fun to do, but if you start something like that you simply cannot walk away from it, let other people in your administration deal with it, and once in a while check in to see 'how they're doin'. His lame cowboy behavior has aggravated people from around the world, isn't the US the most hated nation on the planet? It never used to be like that. He has destroyed lives, our reputation and the economy beyond all means. Why was this president not impeached? Yes you Mr. president, you connot fly under the radar and point fingers at other people. You wanted to become president, you shall be held accountable! Anyone that argues with that is either a complete moron or oblivious to what's going on in the world. And the worst thing of all is going to happen after his term, he's going to walk away with it. He should be on trial after his presidency, hold accountable for all the actions he has taken during his term. Banned from the country. Saying that you're sorry and being unprepared for war (which by the way is a qualification to become president) is not going to do it. The sad thing is, he will not be prosecuted, people that Mr. B. made rich will make sure of that. Once Obama goes in office, you will never hear from the guy again and will always be reminded as 'the worst president in human history'. The whole country, eeh the world is suffering from your idiotic actions. Sleep well mr. president, soon it will all be over.

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  1. I really enjoyed what You have written...The things You discussed are actual facts and no one can deny those....Instead of flaunting unnecessarily, US must concentrate on regaining her goodwill.



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