Wednesday, May 6, 2009

About me

Hi, my name is John, been around this planet for 30 years and welcome to 4xTraders Online!
The reason I setup this blog is because I wanted to learn from others (and hopefully some will learn from me :) about the exciting world of currency trading.
It wasn't long ago since I started Forex, but I have always been interested in trading in general for more then a decade. Stocks, options, commodities and futures, just about anything you can trade. Until recently it became very affordable thanks to micro accounts to trade currencies, and I was one of the first ones that had a micro demo account. Theoretically you can put in $10 to start trading thanks to leverage, which allows you to handle a huge amount of money, and make thousands of dollars. However Forex carries a tremendous amount of risk, especially when you have a margin account (borrowing money from your broker in hopes of higher return). There's much to learn, another reason why I setup this blog.

But there is so much to learn about trading currencies that it can be overwhelming sometimes. Forex is the largest market in the world. I've seen many websites about Forex that claim that currencies are easy to trade. That is absolutely not true at all. Trading currencies especially is probably one of the hardest things around! Sure, anyone can put a sell or buy order in, that's easy indeed, but to make that trade profitable and trying to do this on a consistent level for a longer period of time is much harder then it seems.
Forex trading is not gambling, it's investing. And like any investment it's wise to research before you actually make the investment. And the more useful information the better.
That's the reason for this blog because you can never have to much (useful) information about the currency markets. Once in awhile I'll post a trade and explain with technical and fundamental analysis why that trade was made.
I use FXCM Micro as my broker so far I've been pleased with them and haven't gotten around a better one, so I'll stick with them at the moment.

About my blogging experience;

I've been 'blogging' since 1996 and was probably one of the first ones around that actually had a what you call nowadays a blog. I made my own website and had it hosted by my internet provider. I remember I had to manually copy and paste the piece of 'html code' that was the mold of a date and time stamp and I had to fill it in manually what the current date and time was, hehe, the good old days.. ahum I was writing about anything that was important to me as a teen ager, current events, my favorite sports team, video games and desktop wallpapers with girls in skimpy bikinis, etc. Looking back to it I was always surprised how successful my website was, generating alot of hits, and no I didn't have a free gallery of the bikini babes (although now that I think about it, I should've had one).
People actually seemed interested in what I wrote and I got alot of feedback too. Back then there were no 'comment' options so everything had to be done by 'guestbooks', judging by the amount of entries I determined that some people out there genuinely had read my post and something about it had drawn their attention, so much to leave a comment for me.
I'm not saying I'm a fantastic blogger, in fact I don't think I know anything about it really, now that I think about it, lol.
I just write what's on my mind and post articles that I think people will find interesting and useful. I just keep writing and the end result is always an interesting post, I know it's magic!

Hopefully you'll enjoy my blog 4xtradersonline (one of many) and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, leave feedback or contact me.

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