Friday, July 17, 2009

Trying out something new...cross currency trading

I've decided it's time for something new. I'm steering away from the EUR/USD pair for awhile since I've been too focused on it lately and the truth of the matter is it hasn't gone anywhere really for the past few weeks. And what I mean by that is that would like to see a higher profit margin. A currency pair that at least will move over 1% in the trading week! Well, I'm going to try another trade. Trying out something new. This will be just an experiment too see how far you can push a profit taking on a lot of risk. Of course this will be done with my demo account (no experiments with real money :) and this will go one throughout the whole week, trading only with cross currencies. A cross currency is a pair that doesn't involve the USD but is still related to it. Huh? Yes, I'll buy AUD with my USD to trade against the NZD for example. Reason why? To increase profits. I'll of course have a full report here on how it'll go. Right now I'm going to work on the 'Stop Trading!!' segment which will be posted tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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