Tuesday, November 24, 2009

QTU: Who wants to make some money with me?


I've been watching this pair (EUR/USD) very closely since the beginning of the year. Factoring in several economic indicators as well as technical and fundamental forex analysis the time has come to make a good (if not great!) trade that can make you alot of money if executed well. Shorting this pair @ 1.50 buyback @ 1.4900 or lower if you can handle the pressure. Analysts already speculate a dire black Friday and since retail sales are not to be taken lightly (65% of the US economy is consumer spending) this will be a great opportunity to sell this pair and rake in at least a 100 pips! However it's very time based. This trade will only be valid if the pair is trading (hovering) around 1.50. I'm trying to get it at the 1.50 price or above.


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