Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ben Bernanke TIME magazine person of the year 2009.

I seldom post anything that is directly related to a current event in the news, I usually hyperlink to it, but regarding Ben Bernanke being nominated by TIME magazine as person of the year 2009 I couldn't sit still voicing my opinion about it, since everyone else seems to do so as well.
I read several articles about him being nominated and critics claiming it was the wrong choice to do so, because the economy is not what everyone would like it to be, they expect a miracle worker I guess.
I think he should be nominated as person of the decade! Yes 2009 to 2019! Every year give him a reward! What this man has done for the US economy after 8 years of utter destruction by you know who, it's truly amazing and I honestly thought when he was first appointed by you know who and Barack Obama that he wasn't able to pull it off. (Or anyone for that matter)
The US was in a severe(!) economical crisis to a point where it was scary and if not the right minds were set on to it to fix it would've been a lot worse! I don't see why his critics don't get that! The complaining from these guys just makes me sick! Don't they realize we were in the worst recession since the great depression or does that all of a sudden not matter anymore?! Bernanke took 1 step in the right direction to get us out of this mess and every step further those morons were bitching to him and to the media why there were no 2 steps in the right direction. Let me tell you one thing, if anyone else would've been appointed it would've been to a stand still or a few steps back to total economic collapse!
He rightfully deserves the nomination! Good job Ben.

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  1. Thank you for taking your time for writing this, I know almost all would not!



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