Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The 'How much money can I make in 1 week trading FOREX' project

Picture of different currenciesStarting with $5000 USD next week I'm going to see how much money I can make in the currency markets. In order to push myself a little harder and see how well I'll do under pressure I've decided to set up this project. I will share with the world on how the project will come along. I will do it the week after Christmas so that will give me some time to look through some paper work, research different fundamentals and technicals, and prepare myself. I want to see how I handle trading under a little more pressure, with some eyes on me, meaning posting my trading results with the world, whether those are good or bad trades. The project will start on Sunday the 27th until Friday January 1st. As you may know in foreign exchange trading it's a 24 hour trading market, and is the largest trading market in the world, with only a brief close between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon in my time zone (PST). I'll try to post the results for each day on this website, along with my analysis and conclusion on why I made that particular move . I think this will be a good learning experience and I'm of course hoping I will end up with a profit! I'll also twitter trades that I do.

- John

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