Friday, February 19, 2010

Launched the Education corner

Today I decided to create a new section on the website called Education corner (Education section). At the moment I have no better name for it, but I'll probably come up with something else :)
I mainly made it because I do a lot of research on the internet everyday regarding investing and I often come across articles that are very informative but often have a slight tendency to be overly complicated and complex in their explanation while they really don't need to be. A simple explanation can be given in a few sentences that anyone can understand in plain English.
All the articles in the education section are written by me and my goal is to slowly but surely expand the 'school of investing' to a decent amount of articles regarding it. Putting explanations and terminologies in my own words also helps me understand certain topics better also, and if I can help someone in the meantime understand the investing world a little better why not? I think it'sa great idea. To build it up and expand will take me awhile to do, but I'll twitter about it as each 'department' will open up.
Go ahead and check out the new section. I already wrote an article today called 'What is Forex', hey I have to start somewhere right :P

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