Monday, March 1, 2010

Make $50 with $50 in 4 to 6 weeks, no minimum balance required with a Sharebuilder investment account.

Who doesn't want a guaranteed 100% return on their investment in 4 to 6 weeks?
Deposit $50 in your Sharebuilder account by ING Direct bank and they will match it up with another $50 bonus (available for individual, joint and custodial accounts, not for IRAs or ESAs). No minimum balance is required. (Promo code: 50MMF). This offer expires March 31st 2010. However they will probably make that money back in no time if you decide to stay with them. But you don't have to.
They offer $4 stock trading with their automatic investing plan. Also if you read the fine print it's $4 to buy a stock but the selling fee is $15.95(!). They probably make a lot of money off of new rookie traders that don't read the fine print and pay more in fees then actually making a profit. Zecco trading is way cheaper then that, they offer $4.50 to buy a stock but no selling fees, also no minimum balance is required with them. It makes no sense to trade with Sharebuilder especially considering that their website is clumsy looking and little analytic tools are available. So my advice is to take the $100 in 4 to 6 weeks and deposit it into your Zecco account.

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