Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year, new website...

First and foremost Happy New Year from VDM Trading! A lot of things happened since the last post. I decided to move my blog back to blogger from my self hosted wordpress account since I found it easier to update and more importantly, the posts were actually found in Google. Somehow after a few months, if not almost a year, my blog posts were still not fetched by Google nor Yahoo or any other search engine and that made it hard for people to actually find my website. After a few months of trying to correct the problem (contacting Google etc) I decided that enough was enough and move the whole blog back to blogger. I'm still working on fixing a few links here and there and not all the pictures and images may show up correctly or yet. Bit by bit I'm working on correcting all the blog posts and their layout to the new design.
Also, the new blog is cleaner, faster to load, easier to find and better overall with more content and values! Facebook and Twitter accounts are still the same as always so no changes there, stay tuned for interesting articles regarding investing, trading and business!

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