Friday, January 21, 2011

"Right On The Money" segment will return!

I kind of announced it last night on my Twitter account, but it's official now! I'm bringing back my weekly trading segment "Right On The Money" on this blog. I had it for awhile on my previous blog which is no longer in existence due to the fact I wanted to write about trading in general, not just Forex. I put it on the back burner then but now I'm excited about brining it back!
The end-of-the-week 'show' where I wrap up the trading week and take a look what's ahead for the next week. I usually post on Fridays or Saturdays and try to do it weekly (time permitting that is) I remember I had a lot of fun writing for "Right On The Money" and I got a lot of reactions on 4xtradersonline (then called Stop Trading!!). I'm expanding it a bit by talking about trading in general, not so much just Forex trading as said earlier. I'm looking forward to writing about it again!
You can follow "Right On The Money" on twitter at (updated daily) for the latest FX news and when new 'shows' become available!
I think I'm going to write the first one next week, so stay tuned and either follow this blog or add it to your reader!

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