Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eye on BLOAQ (Blockbuster) upcoming trading week

As a vivid shareholder of BLOAQ (Blockbuster: PINK) my eyes are on the trade deck this upcoming week regarding this stock. A lot of activity has been going on this week around this equity, creditors who are not willing to lend the struggling company any more money, and possible take over bids. In my opinion, it's a true do or die situation Blockbuster is finding themselves in. The stock price surged about 15 cents last week, a sign there is a lot of trading volume and activity going on, lets take a look at the following chart;
If the stock manages to keep its RSI (relative strength index) in neutral territory (in the chart above it would indicate a value in between 70, in the upper line and 30, in the lower) in my technical analysis it's pretty much confirmed, there's no way else for the stock but to go up. 
Even after all the negative news around this company I still believe that they will find a way out of this mess. I really do. (and no, I'm not saying that just because I'm a stock holder of the company)
They're well established, are the ONLY corporate video store in the United States, have a great branding label (pretty much everyone in the US knows Blockbuster video) and its stock is trading 15 cents a share, they're expanding and penetrating the markets of Redbox and Netflix by offering Blockbuster Express kiosks and on demand movies on certain cable boxes, what is not to like? $0.15 a share is a bargain... If they get time to regroup, they can be a very attractive company, either for investors or take over companies. Like I said before in previous posts on this blog, I refuse to believe it's a dead end when it comes to Blockbuster. It's current stock price is in a bargain bin, get it while it's hot!

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