Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Here we go again, playing the VXX ETN trade

Rising violence, chaos and instability in Egypt have surely an impact on the markets. There are numerous ways to approach several trading opportunities regarding this issue, like oil for instance, but I think I'm sticking with keeping an eye on the VIX, or the Exchange Traded Note (ETN) the VXX that tracks the movement of the VIX.
Now here is my setup for this trade; as always, any comments or questions are welcome.

First, a technical overview of this trade; the VXX

I'm taking the Feb19 Call Option on the VXX with a strike price of 31 for $1.33 (the VXX1119B31) with unlimited profit potential. Makes sense? With an important turn is history for the middle east where about a third of its total population is demanding revolutions in their respective countries, I think it makes total sense, it has to have an impact of the 'fear gauge' the VIX, therefore the VXX.

The intraday chart of the VXX1119B31;

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