Friday, March 4, 2011

Market recap; 100% correct analysis and what's ahead upcoming week

Is this just the beginning of March market madness?? One crazy volatile roller coaster ride this week has been. Interesting thing was, my analysis over the past 2 weeks have been a 100% correct! (Read previous posts and twitter) Incredible! I think I broke my own record. A quick recap on the recommendations I gave;
Oil was in the news; my recommendations were ^OIL and ^USO both booked great gains. I mentioned ^OIL a few weeks ago even, when I was surprised the commodity price was hardly affected by the unrest in the middle east. I gave a buy recommendation back then.
Another one I said was ^DIA and ^SPY on tuesday, thursday peaking to it highest, sell recommendations today when it was trading 160 lower while almost simultaneously buying the March 19 Call option on ^SPY (today).

Dow Jones Industrial Average intra week (courtesy of CNN Money)

What's next? Well in order to see what possibly lies in the week ahead we need to see the bigger picture;
The graph below shows the Dow Jones Industrial Average since October of last year. The pull back of November of last year also seems to be occurring right now (green arrows),to me so far we seem to be right on track for another market rally! This is a very bullish outlook, and I'm going with it! The only set back that may affect it is further turmoil in the middle east, so far it seems the markets are taking it as minor 'speed bumps'.

I'm still holding on to my March 19 ^USO call option. I see oil (^OIL) rising again upcoming week, also for next week I have setup bullish on ^DIA and ^SPY the VIX (VXX) will slow down also, depending on of course oil, but shouldn't spike above 20 upcoming week.

For currency traders among us, I'm pretty bullish on the EUR/USD and see the pair rising above 1.40 next trading week as well. 
Well for this trading week I was 'right on the money' indeed! Hopefully I will be as accurate next time because I love bragging about it :)

Be careful and happy trading!

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