Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japanese stocks rise again

This morning I was writing an article about the markets over reacting. Look what's going on now; Japanese stocks are rebounding. Markets are up over ▲ 460 points!
Turns out investors realized it sooner then I thought the 'panic' and aggressive selling of Japanese equities was an over reaction, they've must been reading my blog :P.
This 'positive wave' will have its effect on the European markets tomorrow, with the US to follow. All trading recommendations given this morning are confirmed and all valid!! This is amazing! Crystal ball? No, I wish, but so far I'm pretty accurate! Good news all around. Let's make some money.
The major player in the field I think is EWJ. (The EWJ is an ETF that trades if basically Japan were trading like a stock)

As you can see on the chart EWJ is in major oversold territory. An aggressive out-of-the-money call option with April as expiration is not an unwise investment decision.
Read the post below for this morning's analysis. Again; trade recommendation; (unchanged)

ETN: OIL ▲ Bullish, Expiration Month: March
SPY and QQQQ: ▲ Bullish, Expiration Month: March
VXX: Bearish  , Expiration Month: March
EWJ▲ Bullish, Expiration Month: April

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