Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time to invest in the VXX call option?

Is it time to invest in the VXX call option? And I'm talking about the May 19th one in particular; with a strike price of 18. The markets are relatively quite in my opinion. The VXX trading under 20 is a bargain - as I said many times before. This is a nice money maker, take a look at the chart below:

Above you see the ETN: VXX; the volatility index for the S&P500. I noticed an upward trend regarding the markets; the DOW and S&P along with the NASDAQ seem to have streak after streak due to strong economic data. This is bound to change before or on May 19th of this year. People seem to forget despite the strong earnings, there is still a lot of negative economic activity going on, especially in Europe. I go by the saying, what goes up, must come down eventually and with the VXX trading a little over 16 I think this is a fantastic deal. Now trading at $0.60 (about $66) for 1 call option on this equity is a steal!

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