Saturday, February 16, 2013

Use StockTwits and TradingView to become a better trader!

Become a better trader by using social media! Twitter for example is an excellent source to gain knowledge and get trading ideas and ultimately make better trades that make you money!

If you know where to look and who to follow that is. To make it easier you can link your twitter account to stock twits. Stock twits is a platform that brings traders together and utilizes twitter to do so. You can see it as a plugin for twitter that uses 'cash tags' (instead of the tradional 'hash tags', although that has been recently copied by twitter from Stock twits - but that's a whole other story). You can create a profile at 'StockTwits' that will show other traders what kind of trader you are for example, or how much experience you have as a trader. Also you can attach charts and engage conversations and participate in conversations about trading. But what I found most helpful about StockTwits was the heat map, you can see 'where the action' is so to speak, join that channel and see what traders are talking about - all in real time - including sentiment data. It certainly helped me pick up some great ideas! You can follow me on StockTwits, when I trade, I'm usually on StockTwits announcing my trades, so you can trade along with me - free trading alerts so to speak :)

Another one I recommend you should check out is tradingview. It's also linked up to twitter (and StockTwits as well, you can even link your StockTwits profile to sign up!) and is more chart based - a reason why it's called trading 'view', just a wild guess. Here you can see, and customize your charts and share your ideas with others. Incredible! It really is, because you can see what other are doing and if it makes sense or not. Follow successful traders and become successful as well. My profile on trading view is, you can also find me trading here as well since the StockTwits and Tradingview are linked to each other. Once in awhile I'll share the charts and comment on other trader's charts.

See you there!

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