Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Closely watching the VIX this week

A possible US intervention in Syria will spark unrest in the global markets, the reason why I'm closely monitoring the VXX this week. According to my point of view there's a good chance that it will spike well over 20 points by Friday. Not only that, but it will trigger an upward trend from there. It has been relatively 'quite' when it comes to the $VIX for the past couple of months, I've always said that any number below 18 points is 'remarkable' to say the least; especially when the European recession was still in full force. An US intervention in Syria, a scenario that is now highly likely, would certainly cause a lot of volatility in the US markets. The VXX already went up by more than 3% yesterday ($VIX up 7+%). Already VXX options are filling up for the September 27 expiration date - a call option I'm mainly interested in (16).

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