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Top 5 must have stock trading apps for iphone

All the must have stock trading apps for iphone or ipod listed right here. Information is key, as any trader knows. The right information at the right time, from your own reliable source, can mean a succesful trade. Most self respecting financial news agencies have apps in Apple's app store (some paid, some free) which will show you instantly the financial articles that are related to your portfolio, right in the palm of your hand, no matter where you are. I took screenshots with my ipod of the apps I use the most frequently myself. Here they are in no particular order;

#1 Yahoo Finance

The Yahoo Finance app is a powerful financial app for your ipod/iphone. Not only you're presented with the latest stories in the world of finance an business, you're also able to analyze any company on the exchange, pull up charts and create a portfolio watchlist. It's mainly a news portal that pulls news articles from all around the web. This is handy because you don't have to visit each and every financial website for breaking news stories. Quickly navigate between sections and news articles that are relevant to you. Ideal for when you're in a hurry, but still want to catch up with the latest important news - fast! The push notifications will let you know about any breaking news story when your iphone/ipod is in standby mode.

You can download the Yahoo! Finance app on the app store here


One of my favorite apps for trading. And frankly, one that I use every single day. The chart feature, which let's you easily see charts in intraday charts upto 5 years, is one if the cleanest and easiest to use I've ever seen in any app. You can also set alerts that notify your device via push notification about breaking news, or stories that are related to your portfolio. Also CNBC's app features push notification which will alert you if there's any breaking news story in the world of business and finance - even if you're ipod/iphone is on standby. Hold your mobile device horizontally after you've typed in a stock symbol and you'll see an easy to use, full screen, chart which lets you easily select different time frames on the right side bar.

You can download the CNBC app on the app store here

#3 Bloomberg

Yet another powerful financial app for your mobile device. A feature I like about this one is that you can also watch live TV from Bloomberg, directly on your iphone/ipod, for free. Also with this app your able to set alerts, check out real time stock charts, and do further extensive research on any company that you can look up via the easy to use, autofill, search box. Most sections on the Bloomberg app are accessible with one click, which is unique in a way since the other apps mentioned on this list require two or more clicks to get to the desired section. Overall, a very robust app which brings you all the latest and greatest from Bloomberg. A must have app for any trader!

You can download the Bloomberg app on the app store here

#4 Stocktwits

It's the twitter for stock traders, although it's still intertwined with the actual twitter. Also, despite the name, it is not only stocks that can be talked about on this popular social trading platform, but also currency trading (forex), etfs, commodities and more. The cool thing about stocktwits is that you can instantly see which equities are trending (handy if you need some trading ideas), along with their sentiment; what does the stocktwits community think of the stock for example (bullish/neutral/bearish). Often enough there are links to charts, so you can judge for yourself whether the trading idea is a good one or not.

You can download the StockTwits app on the app store here

#5 StockTracker

Last but certainly not least, the StockTracker iphone/ipod app is one the most popular stock trading apps in Apple's app store, with a five star rating, rated by over 1,700 users (!!), and for a good reason. StockTracker is hands down one of the most sophisticated stock trading apps you can possibly download on your mobile device. Though the main app is free, the extra features, such as unlimited alerts or viewing option chains is not. The full version of the app costs $9.99, although there are also little upgrades you can do for $1.99 (unlocking just the option chain feature for instance). A neat feature within the app is 'paper trading', so it's also a stock trading simulator app as well.

You can download the StockTracker app on the app store here

I usually check one or more of these must have stock trading apps for iphone before I make my final trade. There are also a lot of paid stock trading apps for ipod or iphone in Apple's app store, like Barron's for instance, but I think there are already so many great ways to obtain useful, high quality information for free, that I didn't include them on this list. Of course the apps are general financial apps, they cover stocks, forex, commodities, etc. But there are also apps that are more specific, like apps that only feature forex news and updates, but I'll devote a whole other article to those kind of apps.

If there's any great apps that you think should be added to the list, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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