Monday, March 23, 2015

Is the Apple watch a smart move by Apple?

Soon you'll be able to pre-order the Apple watch. This overpriced gadget is supposed to be the 'most personal product' Apple's ever made, because... you can wear it (as quoted from their own website). Is it worth shelling out $400 (for the basic model) and up for a watch that carries the Apple logo, can interact with your iPhone etc? My thoughts...

The 'most ridiculous product ever made', is more like it. When I first saw Apple's presentation my initial reaction was: 'Are you kidding me?'. I was mostly astounded by their price point. Yes, this piece of hyped up electronic equipment goes all the up to $17,000 for the fancy model. There's a big difference between the iPhone/iMac and the Apple watch. People most likely buy an iPhone or iMac as an essential product, not as a gimmick they could actually do without. And with so much competition out there already, the Apple watch is bound to become the biggest flop Apple has ever put on the market.

What were they thinking?

Already the product is being bashed on the internet, this is not going to go well for Apple. I don't see anyone in their right mind getting an Apple watch. First of all, never buy a product after it just got released on the market: learn from the past, there's bound to be flaws, and all the kinks haven't been fully ironed out yet. You spent all that money on a gadget that hasn't been fully tested yet. Secondly, to pay that much money for something so incredibly gimmicky is just absurd to me. It's a hype that is going to blow over, imagine if you check your smartphone and 'smart-watch' all day, what for?? You'll get a message on your phone, and guess what, your phone dings too! How awesome is that?? The only reason why I'd want a 'smart-watch' would be because of the health aspect of it, it tracks your heartbeat, counts calories etc, but that's already on the market, produced by other reputable manufacturers for a lot cheaper!!! And yes, it tells time too! The Apple watch is likely going to hurt Apple in the long run. Whatever the case, I'm mainly interested in how this gadget is going to affect Apple's stock price. We'll see what the actual numbers are going to be, but I'd very surprised if it sells well. The Apple watch can be pre-ordered on the internet as of April 10th, and goes officially on sale on April 24th. Let's watch the charts!

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