Wednesday, November 25, 2015

VDM Trading Contest 2016 now open!

The VDM Trading contest on MarketWatch 2016 has begun! How well will you fare in the stock market in 2016? If you haven't participated in a stock trading simulation before than this is a great opportunity to learn more about the financial markets and trading without risking your own money. Joining is completely free and you're able to join at any time between now and November 24th, when the competition closes. The rules this year are as follows (a slight modification this year, all portfolios are private):

Portfolio Options for VDM Trading 2016
Starting balance for participants: $100,000.00
Commission level: $10.00
Credit interest rate: 3.00%
Debt interest rate for leverage: 6.00%
Minimum stock price: $1.00
Maximum stock price: $500,000.00
Trade volume Limitaion: 1.00%
Short Selling Enabled
Margin Selling: Enabled
Limit Orders: Enabled
Stop Loss: Enabled
Partial Shares Enabled

Again, joining is free and easy and can be done by clicking here or clicking the join button below. Hope to see you soon!!

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