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Top 7 best mobile stock trading apps

For the sake of convenience I've categorized the following best mobile stock trading apps into three categories. Every successful trader knows that reliable information and the ability to execute trades promptly is key to making sound investments, and what better way is there than installing essential apps on your mobile device that inform you about upcoming trading opportunities or give you information about your open trades that you currently hold. The categories are as follows: news apps for stock traders (to get some ideas), stock simulation apps (which allow you to try out various strategies without risking your own money), and actual trading apps so you can trade from your mobile phone on the go (usually from your own stock broker). Here they are listed in no particular order:

News apps

Bloomberg app logo
Bloomberg is definitely one of the best mobile stock trading apps you should install on your phone if you are a stock trader or simply want to stay on top of the financial markets. Its intuitive design makes it easy to navigate around and you are able to personalize the app so it can show you information that you care about the most. On top of that you get reliable news stories that's spread out over more than 45 categories. Whether you trade stocks, options, bonds, commodities etc. You'll have instant access to all the market data. One of the main features of the Bloomberg app that I really find valuable is the ability to create and track your own portfolio (watchlist). This way you can filter out what matters most to your own portfolio. It also features charts, videos and slideshows. A must have for any trader.

Download the app for free from the Android/iOS store app logo
The next one on the list is the app. A personal favorite of mine because it's one of the few apps that offers 'real-time' quotes on stocks, forex, etfs, commodities etc. It's one I check every day. This one also houses a technical analysis tool for analyzing your trades. This app lets you set up your own portfolio and track it. Another handy feature is the economic calendar, pretty handy when you trade on fundamentals. A feature that works really well is the price alert option. For example, if an equity or currency pair drops below or rises above a certain price point you'll get a notification on your phone. This is a must have app and can be considered as one of the best mobile stock trading apps in the app store.

Download the app for free from the Android/iOS store

Stock simulation apps

Stock Trainer: Virtual Trainer logo
One of the highest rated stock simulation apps you can find in the Android store (4.4 score after over 21k reviews!) is called Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading, and with good reason! This app lets you trade with virtual money in real time! Most other apps show delayed quotes. Best of all, it's free and geared towards novice traders. The only issue is that it doesn't support stop/limit trading (yet?), but it's perfect for beginners. If you are thinking about trading with real money, consider trading with a stock simulation app first to get a feel for it. Try it for a few months and see how well you do. You have nothing to lose, only gain and that's experience. Keep in mind that this is only for Android.

Download the app for free from the Android/iOS store

Best Brokers: Stock Market Game logo
Best Brokers: Stock Market Game is the stock simulation app on iTunes. Start your portfolio with 25k and see how well you fare in the stock market. It has an integrated news reader and you're able to connect with friends and other people who are using the app. Join stock market games and see if you can make it to the leader boards. The competitiveness element is what makes this app a lot of fun to play. Also all the quotes shown are in real time. Make sure you have an Apple device. For the Android version see above.

Download the app for free from the Android/iOS store

Trading apps

TD Ameritrade logo
TD Ameritrade Trader is a real time trading app for mainly American traders. The app has received some criticism in the past (and sometimes still does) but that has to do with the fact that it's one of the most used trading apps in the world. Hence the most popular trading apps on the market because it has a long list of features that are essential for traders. For instance it has live CNBC streaming, as well as chatrooms, daily programming by professional traders, you can test your trading strategies and excellent customer support. Trade with one touch of a button and deposit checks right into your account. If you're thinking about trading with real money this is definitely a contender!

Download the app for free from the Android/iOS store

E*Trade logo
The E*Trade app is used by American as well as European traders. Also this app has tons of features like live quotes, stock and etf screeners, economic calendars, educational videos, live streaming, portfolio trackers, customizable interface and much more. Although the app still shows some hick-ups it's still one of the best and most widely used trading apps on the market. Overall it does what it needs to do and that's important. The 'easy to use' factor is probably what draws traders in to use this app over others. When it comes to trading with real money this is by far one of the best mobile stock trading apps you can download.

Download the app for free from the Android/iOS store

Plus 500 logo

Plus 500 is more geared towards European traders. The app itself is very limited but straight to the point. In other words, it simply works and that's all that matters when you enter or close a trade. It's probably better if you use this app in conjunction with one of the best stock tradings apps mentioned above. It does allow you to trade many things like stocks, commodities, forex, etfs etc. They currently offer bonus money for anyone who decides to deposit real money into their account. Keep in mind that the bonus money is only to increase you leverage and cannot be redeemed. It will expire after 6 weeks.

Download the app for free from the Android/iOS store


There are plenty of other apps out there, but I've listed the best mobile stock trading apps in this article. It's simply a guideline, and finding what best works for you. Other apps to check out are Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money and CNN Money (CNBC used to be one of my favorites, but ever since they did a major update it's horrible). Nowadays there are plenty of ways to be well informed about upcoming events and trading opportunities, just make sure you don't get overwhelmed by all the information and stay focused on the news and trades that matter to you. Feel free to comment if you think that other apps deserve to be added to this list. Diversify your portfolio to limit risk and good luck trading!

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