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Thursday, November 24, 2016

VDM Trading Contest 2017 now live!

As every year in November around Thanksgiving, a new trading contest for the new year: the VDM Trading 2017 contest is now live and open to anyone who wants to participate! It's free to join this game (hosted by MarketWatch) and runs until November 24th 2017. Start with a fictitious $100,000 and see how well you fare in the stock market with this advanced stock trading game! This year there are some slight modifications to the game rules: portfolio's are now public and no limit orders are allowed. Full rules below:

Your portfolio options:

Starting balance for players:
Credit Interest Rate:
Leverage Debt Interest Rate:
Minimum Stock Price:
Maximum Stock Price:
Trading Volume Limit:
Short Selling:
Margin Trading:
Limit Orders:
Stop Loss Trades:
Partial Share Trading:

Symbols Available for Trading

All symbols can be traded
  • S&P 500
  • Dow Jones
  • Nasdaq
  • Nasdaq 2000
  • AMEX
  • Nasdaq
  • NYSE
  • OTC-BB
Security Types:
  • Public Companies
  • Funds
  • ETFs

The aim of the game is to learn and to have fun. Good luck to all who join!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

VDM Trading: a personal trading blog

Welcome to VDM Trading! A blog that was established back in 2008 about trading stocks, forex, commodities, etfs, etc, with some personal opinions about not only how to trade them and why, but also commentary about (recent) economic events that affect the financial markets around the world. I realized that although I have this personal stock trading blog for some time now I never really explained anything about the blog itself. Many people approach me on this blog wanting to know if I'm interested in collaborations to promote financial products, or write about certain topics. Perhaps it's a good time to explain what this personal trading blog is about, to avoid any confusion.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Top 7 best mobile stock trading apps

For the sake of convenience I've categorized the following best mobile stock trading apps into three categories. Every successful trader knows that reliable information and the ability to execute trades promptly is key to making sound investments, and what better way is there than installing essential apps on your mobile device that inform you about upcoming trading opportunities or give you information about your open trades that you currently hold. The categories are as follows: news apps for stock traders (to get some ideas), stock simulation apps (which allow you to try out various strategies without risking your own money), and actual trading apps so you can trade from your mobile phone on the go (usually from your own stock broker). Here they are listed in no particular order:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The worst mistake any trader can make

I've written many articles about trading. In fact I wrote an article a few years ago about the top 6 biggest mistakes you can make as a trader. Oddly enough I left one mistake out, a big one too, and to be true I have been guilty of doing it as well a few times. At the time I guess I wasn't thinking about it when I compiled the list. But we all learn (hopefully) from our mistakes, and the biggest one I found in my trading career so far has been the 'set and forget' strategy. Not monitoring your open trades is by far the biggest mistake you can make as a trader of equities, commodities or anything you can trade really. Thinking that a particular trade will 'go as planned' on a certain time frame will often result in a loss. There have been many instances when I was in a profitable trade, but didn't close the trade in time (often because the set 'target' was set just above or below the profitable trade). If I would have closely monitored the trade I could have seen that the trade was just about to hit my profit target and I could've closed the trade manually, minimizing my loss or taking profit just before the trade went south.

This mainly applies to short term trading, although it's a good idea to always check your portfolio every day, no matter which time frame you are trading on. What if you have several trades open at a time, are you supposed to monitor every single trade? Yes! That's what makes trading so exhausting sometimes. Don't step away from any open trades. There surely have been success stories about people closing successful trades that they weren't even watching for a long time, but this scenario rarely happens. It sounds amazing, making money while you sleep - but unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world like that. Successful traders need a set of rules in order to make money, and monitoring all your open trades should definitely be one of them!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Why the EUR/USD is losing value so quickly

The value of the euro against the dollar dropped down again this Monday morning. The European currency fell to its lowest level since the beginning of this year. The euro reached a low of 1.0728 compared to 1.0840 dollars at the close of European stock markets on Friday. The euro traded around these levels on January 6th 2016, after hitting lows of 1.05 a couple of times a year before. There are a few major factors in play that are putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the Euro currency.

Trading Bitcoin for a change

I was going over my usual charts last weekend when I noticed that I had never ever traded Bitcoin before in my life. Once I clicked on the infamous digital currency in my trading station I immediately got a warning from my broker: 'Warning, Bitcoin value is extremely volatile!' etc. I remember seeing this a few years back as well, likely one of the reasons why I never traded Bitcoin. But it's also why it's fascinating to me, especially now that it looks like this extremely volatile trading instrument is on the rise. It has managed to keep it's value over the past few months, and in some places now paying with Bitoin is more widely accepted. Time to take a closer look.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The effect of the US election on the markets, a big bet.

A few days ago I received an alert from my broker about possible 'trading opportunities' during and after the election, no matter who wins. The ones on their list I should look out for were: Dow Jones, S&P 500, Gold, the German DAX, the VXX and the EUR/USD. According to them, the markets are going to be very volatile in the upcoming days/weeks, if not months. This got me thinking about the money-making opportunities before, during and after the elections. I'm usually a very cautious trader, waiting for the 'perfect' moment to enter and exit a trade. This is a unique scenario:


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